Where to Find Small Garage Doors for Sheds and Small Garages

Whether you already have a small garage or shed or are only considering adding one to your property, you’ve probably wondered about small door options. If you want to store some tools, have a spot for your farm vehicles, or just do some outdoor activities in a new space, sheds and small garages are a great choice. If you already have a shed and want to improve it, you might be wondering about an overhead garage door. Still, it’s essential to be aware of whether garage doors come in small sizes to meet your needs.

These garage doors are in the Moderno 2 beads design, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony.

Wow! Check out how the black garage door design complements the house and makes everything feel put together. It just goes to show that garage doors for sheds and small garages can come in a variety of styles and colors. Be imaginative and creative when choosing a design that meets your needs. This example is the Moderno 2 beads design. It’s 10’ x 8’ for the garage door and 6’ x 7’ for the shed. Both are sleek and black.

Perhaps you want to roll up your sleeves and build a shed on your own. Or you might hire someone to do it for you. There are things to be aware of in either situation. If you have the time and want to build it alone or with friends, check out 15 fantastic tips from a team of garden and home writers and editors at House Digest.

Are sheds compatible with a garage door? Can you find sizes for garage doors that fit small garages and sheds? Luckily for you, yes you can!

Sure, some garage door sizes are more popular and common to see than others. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options available. You can choose a 6’6” or 7’0” option or you can keep digging until you find the perfect size for your structure!

Garaga is here to offer the solution you need in terms of residential garage doors sized anywhere from four to 20’ wide (to the nearest inch) and anywhere from six to 12’ high (from one to three-inch increments). Going with something custom can save money when it perfectly fits the frame.

What does that mean for you? Your shed or small garage can have a small garage door as narrow as four feet!

Custom sizes are great since you get exactly what you need and never pay extra to do so. You can choose a 4’ x 4’ shed door for all your gardening equipment or go with a 6’ x 4’ garage door that houses your favorite tractors. No matter what you need, we can build it.

It’s easier than ever to install a small garage door the size and design you want on your shed. Read on and find out why that small garage or shed garage door is something you need!

Does Your Shed or Small Garage Need Insulation for the Garage Door?

Are you going to spend hours and hours in the shed or just pop in sometimes? Is it being used for storage, a bedroom, or somewhere to do work?

When the temperatures drop and things get frosty, you’ll get cold and items might be damaged. When this happens, condensation can also be an issue and moisture may be hard to remove.

Don’t worry! Look at these 6 tips for preventing humidity problems in your shed from SFGATE. Learn more about how window fans, caulk, fresh air, vents, calcium chloride containers, and dehumidifiers can assist!

What About Choosing to Heat a Shed?

Something important to be aware of is the R-value of your garage door. This gives you an idea of how good the heat flow resistance is and will give you insight into your options. Keep in mind that the insulation materials and thickness can determine how insulated a shed is. For heated sheds, look for R-12 garage doors but unheated sheds can be insulated or not, depending on your preferences.

  • For sheds with heat, go with R-12 garage doors or even higher for the best results.
  • For sheds that aren’t heated, non-insulated works, or choose a garage door with polystyrene insulation and nothing else is needed.

A Brief Primer on Overhead Garage Doors from The Village Collection

Take a look at the Village Collection garage doors. Each of them is made in the United States and is either not insulated or uses Styrofoam insulation. Do you like rustic and vintage aesthetics? These are available in embossed styles of garage doors. Plus, you can go with a carriage house or a traditional version. Then narrow things down to the designs you like before selecting the perfect hue.

This garage door is in the Village I-2 Layout design, Flat base, 5' x 6', White, Satin window.

Are you often at the same home on the lake each year for fun in the sun? Have a spot for all your water equipment with this stunning garage door. It is the 5’ x 6’ flat base Village Collection I-2 design in white with a satin window. Choose from insulated or non-insulated. These are ideal for sheds and detached garages.

Build Possibilities with the Overhead Garage Door by Vantage

Are you worried about energy usage? In that case, Vantage garage doors are a solid choice that comes with Styrofoam insulation. It sits between the walls for a three-layer door that has a two-inch thickness.

This garage door is in the Standard+ Shaker-Flat CC design, 7' x 7', Iron Ore Walnut, Orion 4 lite windows.

Choose a steel garage door with a beautiful finish that looks like wood when you pick this door. It looks great next to the foliage and can store all your gardening tools. This image shows it in iron ore walnut at a 7' x 7' size with Orion 4 lite windows.

What About Garage Door Models Like The Acadia 138

Want to have tons of insulation for your shed or garage? Acadia 138 garage doors are the perfect solution for your needs. With R-12 insulation, foam is injected in between the doors to add a ton of resistance compared to traditional models.

This garage door is in the Acadia 138 Classic CC design, 5' x 7', Ice White.

When insulation matters, garage doors with polyurethane insulation are at the top of the list. This works well if you need to work inside regularly or otherwise keep the temperatures at a specific level. When it’s chilly or raining, close it and store the heat. It’s hot out? Open the small garage door for a nice breeze. This is the one and only 5' x 7' Ice White Acadia 138 in the Classic CC design.

Contact a garage door specialist to have other questions answered. They can share insight on insulation needs and much more!

Methods to Warm a Shed

The folks at Shed Windows and More share several practical and cost-effective ways to heat a shed. For a sneak peek of what to expect, read on!

  • Choose excellent insulation to begin with so water and cold air are stuck outside.
  • Thermostats and timers are excellent for energy-saving purposes or for making sure the space stays warm.
  • An everyday radiator or a small fan heater is portable and practical.
  • Sheds will feel more inviting and warmer with a wood-burning stove and come in aesthetically pleasing models.

A wood-burning stove that is warming a shed and adding a cozy ambiance.

Have a look at one example of the great style of a wood-burning stove for a shed. It keeps you toasty and makes the space more pleasant. In this example, it blends right in and makes the space work even better. Image from Unsplash.

What Are the Two Biggest Reasons to Choose a Sectional Garage Door for a Shed?

1. You get excess storage space for all those extras

If you’re like most, you have tons of items you use once a year or even less. Whether it’s a string of Christmas lights, a few beach chairs, or something else, you don’t always need them. However, when the time comes to get them out, you want that process to be simple.

With a small shed, a normal garage door might make it hard to get things up and down on a regular basis. A sectional garage door makes it easier to think about the advantages. It might be right to make a change today for better functionality.

2. A wide opening that’s easier to use

A traditional door is narrow and harder to get in and out of than a sectional overhead garage door. In addition, you don’t have to worry about wrangling items around without damaging the space with a sectional. There’s more space to move things around.

Garage Door Openers for Easier Use with Garage Doors

A garage door opener might not be something you think about with a shed or small garage. However, they can be useful even though the space is limited. So which model of garage door opener is best in this situation?

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model LiftMaster 8355W.

Like the looks of a trolley-style garage door opener? This one is the well-known LiftMaster 8355W model that is super reliable and quiet. Check out how it lets you monitor the garage with a tablet or phone with myQ technology.

  • Thinking about an overhead central or trolley garage door opener?

    Go with a trolley when you need something that works well with low headroom areas and standard lift garage doors. That’s the garage door you can expect in most sheds and small garages.

    The garage door opener sits on the ceiling to communicate with the center of the door. The motor moves things up and down with ease.

  • Prefer a garage door opener that’s on the wall or a jackshaft?

    On the other hand, consider a jackshaft garage door opener if you have lots of things to keep up toward the ceiling. These garage door openers sit next to the door and rarely need maintenance.

    While trolleys are only good on specific doors, that isn’t the case here. However, they do best with a high lift garage door.

Your needs may be different from the next person so consider the choices. That’s why you can ask all sorts of questions about garage door openers, including types of lift. It just takes a minute to contact a professional.

Items from LiftMaster to Be Aware Of

Manual operation of a garage door is needed sometimes, so think about a pull chain or lift handles to ensure that’s easy when needed. Another option is to add inside locks on garage doors to keep out people and make sure your items are secure and safe.

This garage door is in the Classic MIX design, 8' x 7', Charcoal.

With a garage door of this size, anything goes! Add a quad, lawnmower, motorcycle, or golf cart. Getting things in and out is easier than you could imagine. Ask about the 8’ x 7’ Charcoal Classic MIX design to get this look and a huge opening!

Look at Your Home for Garage Door Style Options

Small garage doors aren’t all boring and white. Check out all the designs and hues available and see what appeals to you. Already have a garage door on the home? Think about a similar garage door for the shed and make everything feel cohesive.

Not sure where to start? Think about these garage door customization choices.

  • Windows

    Add light and relaxation into a shed with windows on garage doors. Plus, you can choose from many different types of glass . Use your style preferences to decide between simple windows or ones with details. Try decorative grid inserts for garage doors when you want to make your home stand out from the others in your neighborhood.

    Want light and privacy? Consider Sandblast windows to get both. Nobody can see in but light still makes it in. It offers privacy and nobody will know what you have inside.

  • Decorative hardware

    Adding some interesting decorative hardware to garage doors is another way to make the shed look exciting. There are many options to choose from to ensure it works to give the aesthetic you are going for.

    What’s even better is that you can install decorative hardware on your own garage door for a fun project!

These garage doors are in Eastman E-22 design, 6' x 7', Dark Sand doors and Desert Sand overlays, Arch Overlay with Panoramic 4 vertical lite windows.

Garage door sheds can be personalized to stand out. Adding overlays to the windows that match the ones on your home can add a lot to the façade. This photo also gives a glimpse of what decorative hardware can do for your shed. This garage door is the 6’ x 7’ Eastman E-22 design with Ice White overlays and a Moka Brown door and four vertical lite panoramic windows.

Ready to Shop a Overhead Door for Your Shed

So, all kinds of small shed garage doors are available. From 4’ x 6’ to 6’ x 7’ and many others. The custom quality means they’ll fit your small garage or shed. All you have to do is choose the things that make the garage door shine on your property.

Customize your sheds with great garage doors

For those who own a Garaga garage door, you’re in luck. Take a look at the one on your home and use something similar for the garage door you add to your shed.

Hicklin Door Services provides residential garage doors in over 10 colors and 35 designs. In addition, everything is broken down into the 3 most popular house styles to make things simple when choosing garage doors:

Prefer to visualize the options? You can find tons of inspiration at our Design Centre through building garage doors and seeing what fits your vision. Try windows, designs, and colors that might look good. Once you have the perfect garage door, reach out to request a free quote via email!

Speak to garage door professionals for more information.

Whenever you need information about garage door opener selection, contact Hicklin Door Services. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision about garage doors!

Give us a call at 515-276-3700!


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