December 4, 2015
Do you live in a cold winter climate? Do you use your garage as a workshop or year-round storage space? If so, you’re probably looking for garage heating ideas. When it comes to this project, there are many wonderful solutions. Once you’ve taken the time to apply some of them, you’ll never have to bundle up in your garage again. (...)
November 6, 2015
Treat your tools properly, and they’ll take care of you. That means that you must correctly store your summer tools over the winter so when the temperatures rise again, they’ll be ready for service. Read on to learn five easy things you can do to store your summer tools over the winter. (...)
October 23, 2015
Your home represents your style, interests and tastes, both inside and out. The style of home you choose, the colors you paint it in and the way you organize your garden all speak volumes. However, all too often one part of your house stands out from the rest and spoils the overall appearance. Standard garage doors do the job they are meant to, keeping your vehicle safe and out of the harm’s way, but they hardly add to the value and visual joy of your home. It is, however, possible to achieve perfection with a high-quality garage door that not only provides security but also fits the exterior of your home. (...)
October 9, 2015
Kicking it is NOT a troubleshooting step. If you have a garage door that just won’t close, it might not be necessary to buy a new one. Most garage doors are built with safety sensors to stop the heavy door from closing if it detects that there is something in the way. Sometimes, these sensors are actually at fault when the door won’t fully lower. In other instances, you need to adjust the opener. (...)
September 18, 2015
Your garage can be a haven – a home away from home. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most comfortable room in your house. Garages tend to be drafty and cold, but adding garage roof insulation is a great solution to the problem. Adding insulation to your garage blocks heat transfer, keeping your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also makes the garage more energy-efficient, which can significantly lower your energy bills in the long run. The installation of garage roof insulation is usually better done by professionals, but if you decide to do it yourself, keep a few things in mind. (...)
September 4, 2015
Want more space to “live” instead of park a car? Thankfully, such a conversion project does not have to be too complicated, or break the bank. With careful planning and the help of some professionals, you will be able to transform your old, monochromatic garage into a gorgeous new living room. (...)
August 21, 2015
Fence-sitting about a new garage door? Your garage door isn’t something that you likely think about often. After all, it’s a utilitarian piece of your home that’s designed for one simple purpose. It wasn’t designed to be a visual centrepiece of your home. When you do start to consider your garage door, usually it’s because it isn’t working as well as it used to or something doesn’t look right about it. Use this list of 10 common problems that could signal that you need a new garage door if yours is getting a little too much attention from you, a family member, or perhaps even a neighbour. (...)
August 7, 2015
How does your home look from the street? Nothing special? Let’s change that. Did you know there is a simple yet cost-effective way to increase both the value of your home and its curb appeal? Garage doors are large and have a powerful impact on your home’s look, so updating them will greatly enhance your home’s appearance. Whether your doors are simply uninspired, in need of repair or don’t complement your home’s style, think about a design upgrade with one of these replacements. (...)
July 24, 2015
Soon, the snowboard needs to make room for the mountain bike. The garage is one of the few spaces in the house where you can store a large amount of bigger-sized equipment, from hockey sticks to bicycles and more – plus, you have instant access to outside your home, meaning that you don’t have to drag your sporting equipment throughout the entire house. (...)
July 10, 2015
Replacing a garage door is usually something best left to the professionals, since it involves a lot of moving and hinged parts. But what kind of door is best for you? As a homeowner, you can help yourself out, and possibly save some money, by answering a few questions before your garage door gets replaced, such as: (...)

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