Visit our showroom!

When you are at the point where you are itching to move forward and install your new garage door, it’s time to pay us a visit. We can help you determine how much your project is likely to cost and help you find the right materials.

Let us help you make your plans into a reality.

Garage door plans

We have a Design Centre, where you can go to make a model of your garage door online. This allows you to make a visual representation of the vision you have in your mind, and it can help us in helping you to select the right options for your garage door. We can help you do the work using many other types of materials as well.

The professionals at Hicklin Door Services are up-to-date with the latest products and trends in garage doors. They also stay up-to-date with enhancements such as LiftMasterTM garage door openers, which are great options for many structures. By taking a look at photographs, plans, and paint swatches, they get an accurate representation of your window, door and exterior color and other material, and can make sure that you make a smart choice about what you buy to complete your project.

See the showroom

We have a showroom located in Des Moines, were you can take a look at a range of different products in person. While being able to shop around online is certainly useful, seeing products in person gives you much more information. You can feel how heavy a door is, see the paint under different lighting, see the texture, look through the windows and examine the products in other ways, which give you a great deal of information to work with.

We will also have to determine some very basic information about your house to help you make the right decision. For instance, your house likely follows a particular architectural style and we will help you to make a decision based on that. We will also help you take into account elements such as whether or not there is a room located above your garage door and how you can get the door you want and accommodate that space. We can also discuss options for heating your garage and what kind of a door you would need to make it as efficient as possible. These are just some of the advantages of coming into our showroom so you can look around, talk to the professionals and see what they can offer.

We can also help you:

  • Give advice according to your local regulations
  • Compare specific options for specific qualities
  • Give you reliable information on the suitability of any of our products for your project
  • Help you understand what contributes to good insulating properties, durability and other qualities

Even more

We’ll make sure that you have informational brochures and other materials when you leave, so you can decide on your own time with all of the information in front of you. If you wish, we can also prepare an estimate for you, with no obligation on your part whatsoever.

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