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October 5, 2021
It’s happened to the best of us—you’re building a garage or considering a new door and you don’t know a whole lot, but from what you’ve seen doors look pretty similar, right?
January 27, 2021
Do you like the look of ALL-GLASS garage doors? They are popular and are found in more and more locations all the time. They could be just what you need.
January 16, 2020
If you’re updating your garage door, why not consider replacing the lighting on the exterior of your home, or even just around the garage, to get the best look possible for your garage makeover?
December 20, 2016
Is a bare bulb the only light source in your garage? Looking for lighting advice for the garage you’re building? Nowadays, we’ve recognized the importance of quality lighting. It creates a safe and secure space to park your car, to work on tasks or to access your stored items. Great lighting also makes your garage look good, on the inside and outside. Selecting the right lights doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s look at bright lighting solutions for your garage! (...)
July 22, 2016
If you’re thinking about painting your home, it’s important that you give ample time to picking the colors. They need to match, but also coordinate in a way that brings your house the right kind of attention. You don’t want passersby staring because your home’s exterior makes it an eyesore. Although it’s imperative that you make the best possible choice, the following guide should make it a lot easier. (...)
August 7, 2015
How does your home look from the street? Nothing special? Let’s change that. Did you know there is a simple yet cost-effective way to increase both the value of your home and its curb appeal? Garage doors are large and have a powerful impact on your home’s look, so updating them will greatly enhance your home’s appearance. Whether your doors are simply uninspired, in need of repair or don’t complement your home’s style, think about a design upgrade with one of these replacements. (...)
September 23, 2014
Many homeowners with limited yard space are on the lookout for ideas to increase their storage area. One homeowner needed a place not to park his car, but his snowmobile, and motorcycle. He also needed additional storage area. To accomplish this, the homeowner turned a room in his basement into a garage. First, it was necessary to check that his project would meet local building codes for such things as ceiling and wall insulation as well as other construction requirements. Next, the patio door entrance was replaced by a Garaga garage door that measured 6’10” wide x 6’6” high. An electric door opener was an added convenience. Now everything was secure and out of the weather. (...)
September 16, 2014
Most people simply don’t put in enough time and effort to think about the curb appeal of their home. Sure, they know that they need to have a nice looking yard with decent landscaping, and they know that the siding or paint on their house is important. However, they may not realize what a large effect another part of their home could have. The garage door’s appearance can actually be a big part of the curb appeal. Think about it from the perspective of someone who is looking at your home for the first time. One of the first things they will see is the garage door. What are you putting out there? (...)

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