The Ultimate How-To: Learning to Program Your LiftMaster by Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

After a long day at work, it’s great to get home to a warm house!

In winter, it’s tricky to keep your energy up, especially by the end of the day. All you want to do is slip inside, get your slippers on, and enjoy time with the family during the holiday season. You pull up to your home and hit the garage door opener button. You wait a moment, try again, but nothing happens! It can’t be the door opener remote, you just changed the batteries! Oh dear, it looks like you have to reprogram the LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door opener!

A garage by night, with 2 single garage doors. Their design is North Hatley LP, Their color is  Moka Brown, and they have 8 lite Orion windows

Do you know what’s better than a tale of woe? This beautiful pair of garage doors! These doors are Moka Brown in the North Hatley LP Design, with 8-lite Orion windows.

You’ve decided to install your new LiftMaster Chamberlain garage door opener or have had some other maintenance done and need to reprogram the door travel? These 12 steps will help YOU program your door opener.

An image of man holding a "Be Aware" memo

Ready Yourself, Are You Sure You Want to Travel the DIY Path?

This task is dangerous. Before even touching your LiftMaster Chamberlain garage door opener, consider these vital factors:

  • Imprecise or incorrect level adjustments to door travel parameters will interrupt the safety reversal system.
  • If the garage door opener requires excess force to close the garage door due to inclement weather conditions or obstruction, the safety reversal system may be affected.
  • If the garage door opener model is old, NEVER force adjustments to compensate for a binding garage door.
  • Once reprogramming is complete, TEST the garage door opener safety reversal system.
  • Ensure the reprogrammed door height accounts for tall vehicles like trucks, vans, and SUVs to avoid damaging the car or garage door.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: If the safety reversal system is damaged or rendered ineffective during the reprogramming process, SEVERE INJURIES or DEATH can occur. A closing garage door is under excessive tension, is a massive system, and is DANGEROUS. It can threaten the life of family, friends, children, and pets.

Unless you are a handyperson with experience with this equipment, DO NOT risk it. Instead, look to a local certified LiftMaster Chamberlain specialist to install or fix it for you.

A picture of a certified LiftMaster Chamberlain installer reprogramming a garage door opener.

You’re safe with a knowledgeable LiftMaster Chamberlain technician reprogramming that garage door opener instead.

12 Steps: The Guide for Reprogramming Travel Parameters on a LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener (even with MyQ)

  1. Step One: Ensure the garage door is fully closed. Do not disengage it, but confirm the trolley is close to the garage door.

    A picture of a garage door opener trolley and emergency release cord

  2. Locate the adjustment buttons on the opening device. The provided diagram can help you find them on your specific model.

    A picture of different garage door opener models with the emplacement of their adjustment buttons

  3. Find and hold down the black square button. The UP ARROW will flash or the device will eventually BEEP. You can now set the door to the OPEN POSITION.
  4. Set the OPEN POSITION by pressing and holding the UP or DOWN ARROWS until your garage door is fully open.
  5. To confirm the OPEN POSITION press and release the original black square button. The lights on the garage door opener will blink twice. Then the DOWN ARROW will flash. The OPEN POSITION has been LOCKED and you may now set the CLOSE POSITION.
  6. Hold the DOWN ARROW down to choose the CLOSED POSITION.
  7. Once the door is closed, press and release the black square button. This will set the CLOSED POSITION. The garage door opener will blink twice, and the UP ARROW will flash. The CLOSED POSITION is LOCKED. Next, you will set the force programming mode.
  8. Press and release the UP ARROW. The door will return to the new OPEN POSITION. Then the DOWN ARROW will flash.
  9. Press and release the DOWN ARROW. The garage door will return to the new CLOSED POSITION. The reprograming cycle is now complete; however, there is more to do!


    • If at any time the lights flash 5 times during travel reprogramming steps with a MyQ Garage Door Opener, the programming cycle has timed out.
    • If at any time the lights flash 10 times during travel reprogramming steps, STOP. The safety reversing sensors have become misaligned or obstructed.
    • Once addressing the misalignment or obstruction, run an opening cycle using the remote control. This will finalize this adjustment.
    • DO NOT use the round yellow button for door travel reprogramming. It is solely for garage door accessories.
  10. Before going forward, you MUST test the safety reversal system. Do so following the instructions outlined by US inspect
  11. Utilize the remote, smartphone, another device to close a garage door with 2x4 obstructing the door.
  12. If the device is functioning correctly, the door will reverse once hitting the 2x4. Congratulations, you’ve successfully reprogramed your garage door opener!

But Why Reprogram That Old Garage Door Opener? It May Be Time for a Replacement…

All you need is to program the device, after all that’s why you’re here! Getting a new one sounds a little over-dramatic.

Don’t be afraid. It takes a while, but all garage door openers eventually have an end of life. Plus, important safety features have come out in recent years that make getting that new garage door opener a worthy investment. Let’s explore those improvements and why they’re so important!

An image with the quote "Focus on facts, not fears".

Oh dear, was your LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door opener manufactured before 1993?

Stop! Do NOT reprogram that device. If you want to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone in your home, you have to replace that obsolete garage door openeing device.

There were major innovations made to the safety features of garage doors in 1993. Since then, all garage door opening devices manufactured in the US and Canada have required 2 door reversal systems.

Previously, there were no safety systems required for garage doors. Don’t endanger the lives of the people and animals you love. Invest in a modern garage door opener that considers their lives, so you don’t have to worry about an avoidable accident occurring in your garage.

These 2 Safety Reversal Systems are on Every LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

  • Innovation 1: This safety feature ensures that if at any time the bottom of the closing door hits an object, an automatic reversal system will cause the door to open.
  • Innovation 2: This safety reversal system creates a preventive accident measure. Two units are installed on opposite sides of the door. One unit projects an infrared beam that the other receives. If at any time the beam is broken while the garage door is closing, the garage door opener will automatically reverse the direction of the door.

An image of 2 little girls breaking a garage door opener photo-cell safety beams, causing the garage door to stop closing and reversing its direction.

“Hey, how many times have I had to tell you, girls, to be careful around the garage door?” Oh well. Thankfully, when little Jessie’s foot breaks the infrared light, the door will automatically reverse, saving her from a terrible accident. No injuries, no hospitals, no problems. Technology sure is wonderful!

Still not sure about replacing your old garage door opening unit? Get more informed about how photocell safety beams work, and learn which urban legend surrounding garage doors suddenly opening are true!

If you’re thinking you don’t have to replace your LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door opener because it was manufactured after 1993, think again!

Another major safety innovation was made to garage doors in 2012. It will help you realize how valuable a new garage door opener will be.

An image of The Security+2.0 label you should look for on your garage door opener

Look for this patented Chamberlain, LiftMaster, or Craftsman logo to ensure your garage door is fitted with the most up-to-date safety technology.

In 2012, another fantastic innovation arrived on the garage door opening scene. It was called Security+2.0. It uses new rolling code technology. This helps keep intruders out by making a unique security code for your garage door opener each time you use it.

The algorithm changes the code for access on the remote each time use it. Each generation has over 100 billion possible combinations. Any previous codes are voided once it creates a new code. This means that a single code will only be used once, rendering stolen are lost remotes useless!

“But I Don’t Know When My Garage Door Opener Was Made…” We Can Help!

An example of a garage door label and where it can be found on different garage door opener models

Above are the major models of LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door openers that describe where their manufacturing stickers are.

On each garage door opener, there is a sticker with vital information, including the model and serial numbers. These are especially good to have on hand when you contact a local garage door professional for advice or installation help!

Find the manufacturing date by looking for the section labeled MFG. This will tell you what year the garage door opener was made.

What if your garage door isn’t one of these models? Well, if the device is of Chamberlain make, but not in the LiftMaster product line, referencing this FAQ may help!

Now You Know That It’s Time to Replace That Old Garage Door Opener. But How?

The garage door opener market can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t get frustrated. We can offer you some tips to help you pick the best model for your home!

Before you start, ask yourself some questions about your garage. Do you have a high or low ceiling? Do you want more ceiling storage or need more space for a tall vehicle? Or hey, does your garage door have an overhead window?

A picture of house with a garage door in the Vog Design, 9' x 8' size, Black Color, with the Left‑side Harmony window layout

Maybe you have (or want!) this clean modern garage door with Vog Design. This garage layout has windows above the garage door. In this case, a wall-mounted LiftMaster 8500W garage door opener is what you need! It’s completely residential ready, and the jackshaft mechanism can fit any odd-shaped garage! Install it on the wall near the door instead of on the ceiling. It even comes with a complimentary 1500-Lumen light that can be installed anywhere in your garage.

Another question you need to ask: Is your garage door near a living room or bedroom? Or some other living space your family uses often?

A picture of a garage with bedrooms over it and a single garage door in the Prestige XL Design, Chocolate Walnut Color, with Pinhead windows

Like in this example, this beautiful Chocolate Walnut Prestige XL Design with Pinhead windows is likely near several living spaces!

If this is the case, you want the garage door opener to operate QUIETLY. Any garage door with a big chain is going to be loud, no matter how new the system is. They may be a little less expensive, but the extra noise comes with its own costs. Instead, pick a garage door opener that opens with a BELT system.

Don’t take it from us, have you ever been rudely awakened from a peaceful nap by your loved one returning home? Or does your child complain about the noise in their room all the time? This won’t happen anymore when you invest in a streamlined modern garage door opening system.

Interested? Consider these two rubber-belt driven LiftMaster garage door openers:

A picture of the LiftMaster 87504-267 garage door opener, belt operation, with integrated camera and 2-way audio, Wifi, and a battery backup

The LiftMaster 87504-267

This is the new upgraded version of the extremely popular LiftMaster 8550. This new model has a rubber belt-drive system, battery backup, a built-in camera, 2-way audio and comes with access to the MyQ app. All these features mean that you can use your garage door from any smart device or computer! Plus, you can use the camera to SEE what goes on in your garage! Even talk to people in there when you’re away!

Less into all that tech stuff? That’s alright, not everyone wants to see what’s happening in their garage at all times. Try the LiftMaster 84501 instead! This model also utilizes a rubber-belt drive, meaning it’s just as quiet! Plus, you can still connect it to the MyQ app for easy opening. This model does NOT include a battery backup.

An image of the  LiftMaster 84501 garage door opener

Still Have Questions? Talk to Some Experts!

It’s normal to have residual questions. Most people only purchase one or two garage door openers in their whole lives. A garage door opener is a big purchase that affects our daily lives. It often requires some construction work to install, and they help keep us safer. So, you should consider your options carefully.

Picking the right opener means you won’t have to think about your garage door opener for up to 25 years. Plus, getting a new garage door while you get a new system will add quick curb appeal to your home (and resale value). Talk to a local expert before you make this important decision.

At Hicklin Door Services, garage doors and garage door openers are our passion. We can answer all your questions quickly and our seasoned team of experts are always friendly and willing to help you make the best decision for your budget and needs!

Contact us at 515-276-3700!

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