September 23, 2014

Turning a Basement Room into a Garage

Turning a Basement Room into a Garage

Many homeowners with limited yard space are on the lookout for ideas to increase their storage area. One homeowner needed a place not to park his car, but his snowmobile, and motorcycle. He also needed additional storage area. To accomplish this, the homeowner turned a room in his basement into a garage.

First, it was necessary to check that his project would meet local building codes for such things as ceiling and wall insulation as well as other construction requirements. Next, the patio door entrance was replaced by a Garaga garage door that measured 6’10” wide x 6’6” high. An electric door opener was an added convenience. Now everything was secure and out of the weather.

Garaga garage doors are available in practically any dimension your project could require, from the smallest door 4’ wide x 6’ high to the maximum 20’‑wide models with custom heights.

For maximum eye appeal, Garaga suggests the addition of windows. Their “Panoramic” model provides maximum visibility. But, if privacy and security are a concern, Garaga also has windows with tinted and satin window glass. All Garaga windows are tempered on both sides for safety and security. Look to Garaga for all your garage door needs.

For all your garage door needs contact us now. We serve DesMoines, Ankeny, Ames areas.

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