January 20, 2017

Do I really need to insulate my garage?

Insulate your garage

Are you wondering whether you really need to insulate and heat your garage? Do building standards mean you have to? Not really… You will hear some government organizations saying that shared walls with attached garages must have a certain R-value, and the garage ceiling must also have a certain R‑value if there’s a room above it. But what about the other walls? Well you don’t really need anything! And there are no current insulation and heating regulations for detached garages.

So, if you don’t need to insulate and heat your garage, why bother? People like to throw around the word “comfort”. After all, you are probably going to enjoy your DIY projects more if you’re not shivering. But there’s no point in using a space heater if your garage isn’t insulated, all that nice warm air will just seep out of the walls.

We’ve compiled this list of six reasons why we think you should insulate and possibly heat your garage. See what you think…

Your garage is an integral part of your home

Long gone are the days when garages where just places to park your car and store your junk. They’re now considered extensions of your home and are used as workshops, gyms, children’s play areas and much, much more.

If you choose to insulate and heat your garage, you’ll be able to use it all year long.

Uninsulated, attached garages seep cold into your home

Although the shared wall between your garage and home is usually insulated, as is the access door, this only keeps out the cold when the door is closed. Every time you open the door, cold air from the uninsulated garage seeps into your home, and warm air you pay for seeps into the cold garage, wasting your money.

You might not have a choice

You might not mind a cold, humid garage, but you might not have a choice. If plumbing runs through your garage, for example if your washer and dryer are installed in the garage, you must insulate it. Without insulation, you face frozen pipes during the winter.

As we’re already mentioned, you should insulate the garage ceiling if there is a room over the garage. If you don’t, you’ll find it very hard to keep that room warm, which can be very uncomfortable, especially if it’s a bedroom.

Protect your treasured property

Why spend money on recreational equipment, such as skis, bikes, kayaks, etc., if you cannot store it without worrying about how it’s going to be affected by the elements? Humidity, which is very common in uninsulated garages, breeds rust and mould. With a well-insulated garage, you don’t need to worry.

Carbon monoxide protection

Nearly everyone uses a remote starter for their car in the winter, but what if you accidentally push on the button while your car is shut away in your garage? Well‑insulated garage walls and quality weather‑stripping on doors act like a barrier stopping the carbon monoxide fumes from seeping into your home.

If you have an attached garage it’s a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector close to your garage access door.

Insulation acts as a sound barrier

Insulating your garage provides a sound barrier both stopping sound from entering and exiting your home. Just think, you can leave your teenagers to bang around on their drums without having to fish out your ear plugs, and your neighbours won’t be able to hear you when you get your early start on a Sunday morning with the power drill!

Don’t leave out your garage door!

Garage doors are big and act as a fourth wall, insulating your garage walls and ceiling to energy conservation agency‑recommended standards won’t make a difference unless you also have an insulated garage door.

If you’re unsure about which garage door to choose call us at 515-276-3700, we’ll be more than happy to advise you. You can also request a free online quotation.

If you’re thinking about changing your garage door why don’t you try out our new design center or visit our image gallery?

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