November 24, 2014

Organize Your Garage Quickly

Organize Your Garage Quickly - Before & After
Organize Your Garage Quickly - Before & After

You might be wasting one of the most useful spaces in your home. Your garage is one of the largest open spaces you have access to and, if all you can fit in there is your car, you’re not getting what you deserve as a homeowner. The following tips can help you get your garage organized quickly, easily and in a way that you can maintain.

Sort Your Items Out

Start by taking all of the items in your garage and organizing them into piles according to use. This would mean, for example, that you would take all of your gardening items and put them together. You should do this for everything in your garage, which will make it a lot easier to find all of the tools you need for any given project, not just a few of them scattered here and there.

Check Storage Options

Any home improvement store will likely have great solutions for storing items in your garage. These include ceiling systems, wall systems and bins and crates, all of which are typically quite affordable.

Hooks are ideal for storing your largest items. For your medium‑sized items, good shelving is an excellent solution and, with proper organization, it can work very well for a variety of items. For smaller items, such as toys and so forth, you want to use crates and bins. When you organize everything, it’s imperative that you keep the things that you use the most in easily accessible positions.

Fill the Bin

To get the best use out of your storage bins, you’ll want to take the smaller items that are inconvenient to store on a shelf and group them together into bins. Affixing labels to the bins allow you to determine what’s inside of them without actually looking. You’ll want to organize the bins on your shelving so that the labels are facing out, providing easy assessments of what is located where.

Make sure you use crates and bins for your sports equipment. Crates are excellent for balls and they make it easy for people to find whatever they’re looking for. Larger items – hockey sticks, golf clubs, baseball bats, etc. – will require longer bins, but these are readily available. Storing sporting‑goods in bins provides them with a very significant amount of protection against damage.

Using Your Walls

You’re going to have to figure out how you want to arrange the shelves. Remember that your larger items will require longer, wider shelves for proper storage. Bins and containers are great solutions for making sure your smaller items don’t get disorganized or lost outright. For the more hazardous items that tend to be in garages – paints, solvents, cleaners, etc. – locking cabinets are ideal solutions. You’ll also want to use these to store your power tools and other expensive items.

If you have a lot of small items that are hard to organize, you may want to consider getting a pegboard. You can put the smaller items on the pegboard, which makes it easy to see where they are and to organize them in a logical fashion.

Ceiling Storage Solutions

If you picked up a ceiling storage solution from the home improvement store, make sure you check the path your garage door travels before you install it. Once you’ve found an ideal location, remember that this is a great place to store many different types of items. You can also use hooks to store bicycles and other heavy, bulky items from the ceiling.

Keep it Going

Your labels will determine, to a great extent, how well your storage system works out for you. If you use permanent markers or preprinted labels, you’ll find that the words won’t fade over time, and you’ll be able to keep your organization system for the long haul. Make sure you have the labels pointing outward when you store things, as it prevents having to dig around and making a mess out of the space you organized.

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