May 14, 2018

Why Do I Need a Sectional Door on My Garage, Shed or Barn?

Why do i need a sectional door on my garage, shed or barn?

Building a small garage? Having a shed built on your land? Wondering what the best way to add a door to your garage might be?

Really, a sectional door is the ideal solution. Why is that, though?

Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to consider installing a sectional door on your shed, barn or small garage.

Before Beginning

Before getting started, understand that you need to meet a few minimum specifications. For instance, there’s a minimum size limit to ensure that you can actually raise the door. You need at least 112 square feet of floor space, so the barn, shed or garage needs to be at least eight feet by 14 feet (width and depth, respectively). You need a minimum of five inches of headspace over the door, and another two inches of space if you intend to use an automatic door opener.

Advantages of a sectional door

Installing a sectional garage door offers you number of important advantages. These include:

  • A sectional garage door eliminates the need snow from in front of your shed to access the building, as you would with doors that swing outward to open.
  • A sectional garage door does not eat up interior storage space the way inward opening doors do. This allows you to maximize your actual usable space.
  • A sectional garage door offers a wider entrance to your garage, shed or barn than the maximum of 72 inches in width allowed by side‑by‑side conventional doors, which makes it simpler to get equipment into and out of the building.
  • A sectional garage door can be automated with an electric door opener, unlike conventional access doors.

Convinced? Great – Here’s What You Need to Know about Sizes and Options

Size Considerations

You’ll find a host of size options out there. In terms of door dimensions, four feet wide is the minimum, but you can go as wide as you like, to the nearest centimeter (25 mm). You’ll find that 6’6” and 7’0” are the most common heights, though (1.98 m and 2.1 m).

Designs for Your Door

You’ll discover number of different products on the market, including embossed designs, thin lines, flush doors, decorative overlays, and everything in between. Whatever aesthetic you might have in mind, you can create it easily. Perhaps the most popular solution is to coordinate your main garage door with your shed door.

What About Windows?

Love natural lighting? Why not add windows to your shed or garage door? This is particularly important if the shed itself lacks windows, and they can add elegance and beauty, as well as a source of light.

Hardware Options

Why limit yourself to a plain Jane sort of door? You can use decorative hardware to achieve the look and feel you want, whether you prefer the traditional wrought iron style of swing doors, antique brass, or something completely different.

Ready for More Information?

If you’re interested in what you can achieve with sectional doors, you can contact us at any time. Call us at 515-233-4210 for Ames location and 515-276-3700 for Des Moines. We’ll happily analyze your needs and offer a custom quote on your project. We can even visit your property in person if you need. If you’d prefer, you can visit our showroom, as well. Take a moment to use our Design Centre to see the options that are available to you, as well as to access our image gallery to see what other customers have been able to achieve.

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