December 8, 2014

From Any Location in the World, You Can Control Your Garage Door Using Your Smartphone!

Monitor and Control Your Garage Door from Your Smartphone

All it takes is a swipe of the finger, and you can open, close and monitor your garage door, no matter where in the world you happen to be. It’s not an exaggeration – you could be in Hong Kong, and you could still regulate your garage door back in the United States! With LiftMaster MyQ® technology, there are no geographic barriers!

Your Android, Apple or iPhone serve as a long‑distance means of controlling not just your garage door, but also your home’s lighting and small appliances. Welcome to the 21st century!

There’s Finally an App for That!

The MyQ® app is the product of the brilliant minds at Chamberlain, the manufacturer of LiftMaster door openers. Since there’s an app for just about everything else in our lives, they saw no reason why there shouldn’t be one for garage door openers. Accordingly, they created one and unveiled it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2012, where it quickly became a star attraction.

Like all good apps, this one is user friendly. All it takes is an Ethernet cable, which is provided, and a power adapter, which is also provided. The cable gets you securely and safely connected to the Internet, while the power adapter delivers the right amount of electricity to your router. Then, you download an Internet gateway, register it, and add your door opener and other devices.

About the Technology

In order for the app to work, the gateway must “learn” the device. Some garage door openers that were made after 1998 already have this technology built in – your LiftMaster professional can answer any questions you might have.

Once the gateway is in place, you’ll need to get the right app for your smartphone, depending on whether it’s Android (Google Play), or Apple (IOS). Once that component is in place, it’s a simple matter of adding the door opener. If you have multiple doors, add them (and other devices) as well.

Now you’re good to go – in full control of your garage door no matter where in the world you happen to be. Monitoring is a snap, because the gateway and the opener are always communicating by means of radio signals.

No More Headaches!

When you can control your garage door using your smartphone, you never have to worry about whether you’ve remembered to close it. You know it happens. You’re on your way to work, or rushing to catch a flight, and it hits you – you might have forgotten to close the garage door. So you have to go back and check, and maybe you end up late for work or missing your flight. And nine times out of ten, the door was closed anyway.

With the MyQ® app, you could have just touched a button on your smartphone and known instantly whether the door was open or closed. And you could have continued on your way, after just using the app to close the door. It couldn’t be easier.


You’ve worked hard to own your home, and you want to protect it. With the MyQ® app, you can know instantly if someone has entered your garage. As soon as the door is opened, an alert is activated, and the system will notify you either by a message on your phone or an email, depending on how you’ve configured the app. Not only will you know that the door has been opened, you’ll be able to find out how long it’s been open.

Deliveries Made Easy

You bought yourself something you’ve always wanted on eBay, and you know it’s coming. But you might not be home when the delivery service arrives. No problem! Just find out what service the shipper is using, and get in touch with them. Ask to be notified when your package is being delivered. You can open the garage door from anywhere, and have the package deposited safely inside – no more weather damage, and no chance of it being stolen!

Oh, and if the driver doesn’t close the garage door after dropping off the package? Again, no problem – you can do it!

When You’re Without Your Phone

Okay, so not only did you (maybe) forget to close the garage door, you also left your smartphone at home. You’re having a bad day. But it gets better – just sit down at your desk and use your computer to access the MyQ® website. You’ll have access to all the functions you need to control your garage door, even without your phone.

MyQ® 101

If you’d like a quick course in MyQ® technology, take a few minutes to watch this video. It’s an easy way to learn about all the benefits of the app. You can watch our other videos to learn how to customize alerts, or for information on how the app works with specific smartphones.

For all your garage door needs contact us now. We serve DesMoines, Ankeny, Ames areas.

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