5 Ideas for That New Garage Work Bench

Are you ready to take your garage to the next level? Outfit it with an impressive work bench with these five tips that will improve your home improvement resources and shape up the rest of your space.

Work bench with rod and vise clamp with hand wheel

Image: Pixabay

Are you thinking about a new work bench?

The work bench has several different uses in the garage. It comes in several shapes and styles, and you can even build one in a custom design that fits your exact needs. Plus, it’s a great place to work with those tools that you can’t take in the house.

Whether you’re a professional, a DIY weekend warrior, or even just a hobbyist in need of a better place to work, you’ll find everything to love about a new garage work bench.

Depending on the difficulty and type of projects you plan to do, you’ll want to consider the functionality and versatility of the bench that you choose or build. The size, material, and durability of the bench will make all the difference in how useful it is and how long it lasts.

These factors are going to help you find the perfect bench or build one that suits your needs.

Make It Mobile

Several garages lack the space for a full-time work bench installation, but that’s a concern with mobile work benches.

A mobile work bench

Mobile Work Bench from Colin Dennis Board on Pinterest

It’s a lot easier to work out in the open space of the garage, but you don’t want to be in the way when someone eventually has to park their car. That’s where a mobile work bench can come in handy.

Install some wheels (with locks) on the bench and you will be able to guarantee that it always has a space, even if it moves around from time to time. Store it off to the side and pull it out when you need it.

Make sure to use the locking mechanism on the wheels so that the bench doesn’t roll when stored, or worse, in the middle of work that you’re doing with dangerous power tools. If you do it right, you’ll love the flexibility of a mobile work bench.

Make It Multi-level

Instead of out, why not go up (and down)?

Imagine your work bench as less of a single plan and more of a home improvement or hobby multiplex. Choose upper shelving and extra cabinets for details, lighting, or additional storage without taking up valuable garage space.

A multi level work bench

Mutli Level Work Bench from Colin Dennis Board on Pinterest

Upper shelves are a great place for separating your workflow and keeping smaller parts organized. For screws, washers, nails, bolts, and other hardware, having a dedicated shelf will ensure that you’re organized and never lose the parts that you need.

After all, if you’re going to all the effort to build a work bench, you’ll want to make sure that it maximizes space!

When you’ve got all that extra storage space, you’ll be able to keep your tools organized, keep clutter to a minimum, and even make your family appreciate your work when they are able to use the garage without getting in the way of the work bench or vice versa.

Make It Enjoyable

Who wants to work in a space that’s dark, dull, or just not inviting?

This fully transparent garage door is a strikingly dramatic choice to add loads of natural light to a classed-up garage.

Do you like this full-view garage door? It’s a California garage door.This fully transparent garage door is a strikingly dramatic choice to add loads of natural light to a classed-up garage.

Natural light is a must for any creative space. Not only that, but it can give you better lighting for your projects to ensure that the details are perfect. Without it, your work bench and garage space may become another “good idea” that doesn’t get used like it could.

Think about changes to the garage door, such as adding windows, to bring some brightness to the space and improve your productivity.

Work bench with a window

Image: Unsplash

When you install windows, you won’t just boost your mood. You'll also benefit by increasing your home’s value and increasing the curb appeal of your house. Everyone will notice your new garage door and other upgrades, including potential buyers who are looking for a home that doesn’t take a lot of work and has the beautiful features that they want.

You need to get a garage door opener installed if you don’t have one. Schedule a visit or consultation with a professional to get the issue resolved so that you can create an indoor-outdoor space when the weather is right.

These might seem like simple changes, but they can really make a big difference in the overall design and function of your garage space when you add a work bench. Make sure that you choose a design that will keep you inspired while you work on your various projects.

Make It Comfortable

You of course want a space that’s not too hot or too cold, but that’s almost impossible to control without heating and cooling, right? Actually, you can do a lot to improve the comfort and climate control of your space simply by adding insulation to your garage door.

Garage door: Vog Design, 18'x7', Black color

Do you like this look? This garage door is from Standard+ Construction (R-16 thermal resistance), Vog Design, 18' x 7', in Black color.

Insulation will increase the R-value of any garage door. This is the way that insulation’s thermal abilities are measured. Typically, the higher the R-value, the more efficient and temperate the garage will be. When the weather is inclement for any reason, having an insulated garage door can ensure that you’re not trying to do detail sanding with three layers of mittens because the space is kept temperate.

Whether it’s because it’s freezing outside or because the weather is sweltering, good insulation can keep radiating heat out of the garage and ensure that no excess cold gets in, either. It's really the best way to get control over your garage temperatures so that you can work at any time of year no matter what the weather is like.

Make It Fashionable

Of course, you aren’t just talking about building a stylish work bench here. Surely, once you get started, you’ll find plenty of ways to improve your style throughout the garage. This includes the garage door itself, as well as its surroundings. For example, for just $10-$20 per square foot, you can get a stone veneer that adds a high-end look for less than you expect. This can increase the value of your garage and your home and help create an elegant appearance.

Consider adding some window boxes between the garage door windows, or even planters and greenery to add a natural touch. Ornamental lighting is also a great way to draw attention and create a sophisticated look.

Natural elements and statement lighting will be sure to draw the eye toward the best design features. This helps improve your workspace by giving you a more appealing place to go. It's about creating a refined look that will turn your otherwise average garage into a luxurious workspace.

Garage Doors: Eastman E-21, 9' x 7', Desert Sand doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Time to get to the work bench (and the rest of your garage)?

Contact our team of experts to learn all about how to improve your workspace with adding windows to the garage door, or even replacing the door entirely.

Hicklin Door Services can provide a quotation via email and will work with you to simplify the process every step of the way.

Check out these 3 styles that will help you find the best looks for your new garage door.

Make sure that you consider the features, style, and period of your home, and other design elements to find the ideal solution for your new garage door or existing door upgrade.

The experts at Hicklin Door Services can provide you with a professional opinion so that you can see whether your vision translates properly or if it needs a little tweaking.

Give us a call at 515-276-3700.

We look forward to discussing your needs, learning about how you want to use your garage space, and figuring out how we can best help you in that regard.

You should also give our Design Centre a try.

In minutes, you’ll be able to see what a new door would look like on your own home by uploading a picture and choosing your new door. It’s fun to tinker with and it can even provide you with some really good style ideas.

Looking for more inspiration?

Our gallery of garage doors has all the fresh inspiration that you want for your new garage project.

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