Enjoy Versatility with Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Have you ever thought of a garage door as a “fourth wall”? More and more, homeowners are looking for ways to enjoy their outdoor spaces as long as possible, and with the same comfort as interior spaces. Doing so enables them to enjoy such areas as the backyard, deck or garden throughout the year. One simple way they are doing this is by using all‑glass garage doors, like Garaga’s California, to create a curtain wall that opens up that space for use.

You don’t even need a garage to use them, simply bolt them to a pre-made structure and they become an instant, insulated wall. You can even use two to create an outdoor space such as a summer kitchen or a living area alongside a pool.

There are countless ways to use all‑glass garage doors, and they come in an astounding array of styles and options. You can choose glass that is clear, gray-tinted, blue-, green-, satin or bronze. There are 20 unique options from which to choose, and they can give you a tremendous amount of privacy if you want. They are available as tempered glass panes in single and double designs. Tempered glass means the glass fractures into many tiny pieces if any sort of breakage occurs.

If you are unsure of the ways you can start to use these all glass doors, look at what designers and home improvement fans are doing with them. Below are some images from popular sites like Pinterest and Houzz, depicting projects made with all-glass garage doors, either fixed or operational.

Behind Pool
You can create a wonderful living space right off the pool… what a great idea!
See Garden
Creating a safe and secure space for the whole family can be done.
What could be better than having your friends over for a good meal in a stunning setting?
Living Space
Increase your backyard options and expand your indoor living space.
Family Room
A year-round family room for enjoying the great out-of-doors is at your fingertips with a glass garage door.
Industrial Look
Glass garage doors can be overlapped with no problem, even if your roof has a slope.

Eager to Learn More?

If so, just contact us at 515-276-3700. We have extensive experience in using residential and commercial garage doors, and are happy to email a quotation. We can make all kinds of suggestions about the ideal doors for your needs, but we also recommend using our online design center as well as exploring our inspiring image gallery. A visit is sure to help you make the perfect choices for your goals.

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