A Case Study: The Best Commercial Doors and Garage Door Openers for Car Dealerships

These full-view garage doors are in the G-4400 design, 14' 0" X 12' 0 with an anodized aluminum frame.

All glass G-4400 commercial garage doors like these are perfect for moving cars around on a service floor. Just look at how spacious and exquisite this area is!

How can I make customers engage with my car dealership, and how do I outshine my competition?

You’ve come to the right place to ease your inquiries. You can explore several marketing strategies that facilitate better salesmanship, of course. However, a crucial factor still lies in the perfect first impression of your brand. Once your business looks appealing to your audience, then you can worry more about those hard skills.

RelayCars has a blog post that details exactly how online researchers look at car facts online for 13 hours at least before reaching a decision. Once they understand exactly what they’re trying to find, they’ll know where to look. That’s why customers only visit a couple of dealerships to find their dream car.

If they choose to shop at your dealership for a vehicle, you only have one shot! That means it’s extremely important to be different than the other dealerships they might visit. As a dealership owner, you know exactly how difficult it can be to change someone’s opinion once they’ve already made up their mind.

These customers have places to go and things to see, so one negative impression could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s crucial to provide them with a positive vision that proves that you’re professionally unique. They want to be able to obtain stress-free interactions and good value when buying your cars.

Salesperson displaying various cars to potential clients in a stunning and bright showroom.

Give your showroom vibrant light to allow customers to feel invited. This picture is from Freepik.

We can get into just how the blueprint of car dealerships needs quality commercial garage doors to create the right first impression. Of course, what’s a garage door without a garage door opener (or operator in commercial terms)?

These full-view commercial garage doors are in the G-4400 construction, 14' X 12' with an customized color frame

Your dealership might look best with 2 of the finest high-speed garage doors like these G-4400 overhead doors shown here. They allow your customers to get an eye full of the inner workings of your dealership and shop area – perfect for transparency! They’re as easy as entering through the entrance and exiting through the exit.

If you want garage doors and garage door openers that facilitate functionality, longevity, and practicality, this case study will provide you with all the facts and tricks you need! Wow, your clients and customers with the open environment of your appealing showrooms and service bays.

Show off Your Most Luxurious Cars and Easily Transport Them with a Full-View All Glass Garage Door!

This full-view commercial garage door is in the G-4400 construction, 14'X 8' with an customized color frame.

The G-4400 overhead garage door seen here seamlessly melds with the rest of the dealership. We have an abundance of garage door colors to help you perfectly match a new overhead door with your chosen color scheme, including the windows and frames!

Performance-minded and artistically pleasing G-4400 commercial garage doors are hard to ignore! Each one has its own special features and facets that will optimally benefit your dealership.

Let’s dive into the inside information regarding these specialized all-glass garage doors.

1. Our collection of custom colors is massive.

An image of the garage door colors offered with our full-view G-4400 commercial garage door

In case you need to color match your door with the interior or exterior parts of your building, you can get matching color codes from GENTEK or ROYAL (the aluminum coil providers).

Our garage door experts are standing by to assist you with choosing the best hue for your garage door. If your desired color isn’t seen here, no problem! We can have solutions.

We are here to help you customize your garage door color! The siding, windows, frames, and doors will be matched inconspicuously with a personalized selection. Even if you prefer to mix and match, we can help you!

FYI: The sheen you choose can slightly alter the outcome of the color. For example, satin, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes create effects that make the color appear lighter or darker than anticipated. The same factor should be considered in cases of how paint is applied to the garage door, like a brush or spray or the garage door material (aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or wood).

2. We have a selection of 20 different kinds of glass! Give yourself an air of privacy or provide your customers with openness. The choice is yours!

Image of the 8 different type of glass offered with our G-4400 commercial doors. Clear, Satin, Graylight, Mirrorpane, Satin Grey, SuperGrey Tinted, Satin Black, and Fluted Polycarbonate Bronze.

We give you options for tempered and non-tempered glass with the G-4400 all-glass garage doors. The combinations are variable, meeting all the standards of safety!

Let’s talk about this tempered glass for a minute.

Let’s face it; glass is fragile. The good news is tempered glass is at least 5 times as durable as regular glass. It’s break resistant, meaning it is extremely difficult to break. In cases where tempered glass breaks, it completely shatters into itty bitty pieces (kind of like a car door does), so you won’t hurt yourself with dangerous shards of glass.

3. All our all-glass commercial garage doors have warranties included.

  • 10-year warranty for seal defects on standard garage door windows
  • 10-year warranty for aluminum perforation caused by rust
  • 1-year warranty for any garage door pieces not mentioned here

The Strongest Commercial Sectional Overhead Steel Doors Out There are Insulated with Injected Polyurethane

We’re confident in our collection of energy-saving garage doors. They enlist the highest quality possible. They even come with weatherstripping properties that save you money thanks to the reduction of energy and heat loss!

Let’s get down to the main 3 details about our overhead garage doors.

These sectional commercial garage doors are in the G-5000 construction

Our G-5000 line of commercial garage doors are injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam. This inclusion makes them sufficiently insulated. Never worry about cold air or water damage again!

1. The garage doors in our G-5138, G-5200, and G-5000 inventory come in 5 standard colors. You can also choose between 4 premium colors!

An image of the standard and premium garage door colors offered with G-5000 commercial garage doors.

FYI: Much like our all-glass door selections, we will customize the color for you if you don’t see your perfect match here.

2. There are 3 available choices of insulation:

  • G-5138 = R-12
  • G-5000 = R-16
  • G-5200 = R-18

R-values indicate how much more insulation you’re provided with.

In the construction industry, the measurement of thermal resistance is called the R-value. Your climate, dealership or shop usage, and overall insulation of your establishment determines the right R-value in this case.

We’ve seen non-energy efficient garage doors – it’s not pretty! Choose strong, energy-efficient garage doors filled with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

Take it from us, polyurethane is among the wisest selections to insulate a commercial garage door for. Here’s why:

  • Its adherence to the door walls makes garage doors flexion resistant.
  • It’s doubly as effective as polystyrene without being any thicker.
  • It provides a boundary against air and other vapours.
  • It’s resistant to cold weather, rain, and other deteriorating elements.

An illustration that explains the difference between  Styrofoam and polyurethane-insulated garage doors

See for yourself! When polyurethane-insulated door is compared to a Styrofoam-insulated door, polyurethane is superior!

3. More warranties! Our G-5000 commercial steel overhead doors come with limited warranties.

  • 10-year warranty for standard window seal defects
  • 10-year warranty for rust perforation
  • 10-year warranty for cracks or rot in the wood end blocks
  • 10-year warranty for polyurethane foam delamination on the steel skin
  • 1-year warranty for any garage door parts not mentioned here

This commercial overhead garage door is in the G-5000 construction, 7' X 8', and insulated with injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

You don’t always have to go big or go home! This 7’x 8’, G-5000 garage door was personalized for this company. We let you customize a garage door to meet your needs for any project. Large vehicles, tractors, motorhomes, you name it! We’ll cater to your requests.

The Best Lifts for Commercial Building Owners: Vertical and High-Lift Garage Doors

For added clearance, this sectional G-4400 all-glass commercial garage door has high-lift tracks.

This high-lift system allows you to have a little more overhead space. These garage doors lift all the way up the way in a vertical manner. Then, it rolls horizontally overhead, leaving you a little more room.

These are much different than the garage doors in your home or office. The one in your house isn’t able to handle the commercial or industrial functionality like these. Keep reading to see the difference.

How can you choose the best type of lift for your commercial or industrial door?

Decide between 6 garage door lift systems.

Standard Lift This extra 10” of headroom is the most popular choice. Illustration of Garage Door Standard lift
High-lift Track Choose this lift if you have a space that requires more headroom. These garage doors are perfect for high ceilings! Illustration of Garage Door High lift
Full Vertical Lift If you have many commercial projects to handle, this is a great lift choice. It opens straight up along the wall for quick and simple movement.
  Illustration of Garage Door Full vertical lift
Inclined Garage Door Tracks If your dealership has a vaulted ceiling, consider this lift. It’s great for cathedral ceilings, also! Illustration of Garage Door Inclined track
Front and Rear Low-Headroom On the other hand, if you have shorter ceilings, this is a great decision to make. It’s suitable for headroom with less than 10” between the ceiling and the door. Illustration of Garage Door Low front headroom

Commercial and industrial areas often choose vertical or high-lift operating systems. These provide the ultimate amount of headroom, which is why agricultural businesses favor these lifts as well.

This commercial sectional garage door is in the G-5000 construction and has high lift. With tracks close to the ceiling like this one, there is a lot of overhead clearance

High-lift hardware facilitates the maximum amount of clearance. Commercial doors installed with this type of hardware are great for a multitude of uses! Best of all, they’re harder to hear, easier on energy, and simple as pie to maintain.

Want a Game Changer for Your Industrial and Commercial Garage Doors? You Need Heavy-Duty Hardware!

However long and thick the spring is matters more than you think! Our garage door experts can help you make the right choice.

With heftiness comes heaviness! Residential doors are much smaller and lighter than commercial doors, which means they use smaller and lighter springs. The increased number of openings and closings done by commercial doors call for stronger springs. This is especially the case since it needs to compensate for the majority of the work after the door opener offers the power.

Consider physical transfer and weight.

  • Open and close cycles depend on the length of the spring


  • Shorter springs are sturdier.

You need to find the perfect sweet spot between length and strength to consider the right springs to use. Our garage door experts can help you do just that!

Commercial garage door hardware comes in three choices.

Commercial high-lift hardware: efficient clearance depends on it!

Hardware Light Duty
  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges
Heavy Duty
  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges
Super Heavy Duty
  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

Light Duty

  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges

Heavy Duty

  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges

Super Heavy Duty

  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

*The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel

Consider the commercial door:

  • The hardware used is “bigger and badder” because of the door’s incredible length and tall clearance.
  • Commercial garage door customers consider energy efficiency and robustness first and foremost, unlike those of residential doors.
  • These doors usually utilize polystyrene or polyurethane for insulation purposes, making them about 1⅜" and 2" thick.
  • Polyurethane doors are virtually unbendable because the insulation sticks tightly to the door’s walls.

Pay attention to the differences in hardware!

Commercial garage doors operate much more daily than residential garage doors. This is why the mechanisms within have to have more efficacy. In the same way, the hardware should be substantially stronger to support the massive size and weight.

This difference is obvious.

  • Since residential doors are only used sparsely, the tracks are made of delicate steel.
  • Commercial doors need to be able to handle more cycles, so they’re made of broader, 2"-3" steel

You’ll notice the difference in the counterbalancing spring system as well.

The frequency at which you plan to use your door matters more than its size when choosing hardware.

Garage doors that operate at least 25 times a day need to have spring systems that can sustain 25,000 cycles altogether.

Think about how the door moves.

Residential doors typically have standard space to deal with.

The same can be said for commercial doors, but the movement is increased in comparison. That’s because the doors are usually higher and offer more clearance in a vertical fashion.

Depending on its use, many any other components can come with commercial garage doors. These choices are sometimes determined by how the building owner deals with service interruptions and expensive repairs. These factors tend to make hardware deteriorate more quickly.

You’ll Be So Impressed by The Strength of These Heavy-Duty, Powerful Commercial Garage Doors; They Will Leave You Speechless!

This is LiftMaster's RBH operator, a jackshaft-type that is robust and powerful with a chain to open it manually.

The best choice for a high-lift garage door is a jackshaft-type operator. It’s mounted on the sidewall and has a manual chain. You’ll be bragging about the power and utility offered by this operator.

Always consider the price! When negotiating your niche price, think about these 3 factors:

  • Voltage

    Voltage depends on how often you plan to use your door. Between 115v, 220v, and 550v, 220v is the perfect medium.

  • Engine Power

    When it comes to engine power, consider how much energy it would take you to open the door yourself. Engine power should match your energy. Small doors can deal with ½ hp, ¾ hp is ideal for mid-range, and 1 hp is perfect for larger commercial garage doors. For example, a 14'x 14' door will need 1 hp engine power.

  • Central or Side Opening System

    Vertical raising doors need to have jackshaft door openers. As long as you check for a chain hoist, you should be good to raise the door manually if need be!

North American commercial garage door opener systems come in 115-v, 220-v, or 575-v systems. Residential doors use 115v, more powerful doors are equipped with 220v, and 575v is for the biggest, heftiest, most commonly used doors.

For commercial garage door customers that require premium jackshaft-type garage door opener systems, the LiftMaster RBH operator is the way to go. Here’s why:

  • It has enough power to lift the biggest garage doors.
  • It can uphold a larger number of opening and closing cycles
  • It’s the ultimate decision for massive sectional garage doors that have a high-lift or vertical system along with grilles and rolling doors

What is RBH, anyway?

  • RB is for roller bearing
  • H is for chain hoist

LiftMaster’s RBH operator uses heavy-duty roller bearings. That means it offers the smoothest mechanical operating system and has a long lifespan.

Still don’t get it? No problem! Check out this blueprint and see for yourself how the garage door opener components operate.

The Features of LiftMaster RBH

Drawing of all the key components and parts of a commercial garage door opener. This is LiftMaster's RBH operator


  • The clutch helps it from making sudden movements with an adjusting slide every time you close or open the garage door.
  • The clutch also assists in the prevention of damage to the door and operator by making this movement easier.

Operator Motor

  • If the motor overworks itself, the overload system steps in and shuts it all down to prevent overheating.
  • The shaft coupling’s high-start run-up torque gives it the starting power of a sports car!
  • The RBH system is equipped with built-in error codes. These codes communicate issues with repairmen, so maintenance is quick and easy.


  • You’re in control! You set the closing time. This can be in increments of 1 second to 99 minutes.
  • TimerSecure (race timer function) keeps the motor from idling if it’s broken.
  • Save time and energy with the Mid-Course Stop Function
  • Pre-program your opening and shutting height. With a single push of a button, Dealership Mode makes the door open to the height you input before closing.

Wall Control Panel

The MAS (Maintenance Alert System) lets you be in control of how often you want your system to be maintained. With any multiple of 1,000 cycles, your MAS system will activate with LED lights, effectively telling you when it’s time to order some maintenance.

Receive heavy-duty and industrial dual-sided photo eyes (CPS-UN4) with all commercial garage doors, only with the G-4400 line!

Think about it, do you really want water, dirt, and debris in your garage door? Of course not! That’s why these doors contain hard-working polycarbonate housings that keep these impositions at bay. Carwashes, dealerships, and auto shops will appreciate the fact that oil, water, and dirt from their hard work aren’t even remotely affecting the functionality of their garage door.

Consider this benefit: commercial garage door operators that work in conjunction with your 575v commercial space saves you a bit of cash. Say goodbye to high power bills!

Your Commercial Business Will Appreciate the Help of Our Customer-Minded Expert Commercial Garage Door Team!

What’s better than a great customer service team? How about a specialized team comprised of experts ready to chat with you today? Our team members at Hicklin Door Services are ready to help you from the beginning to the end of your garage door purchasing journey!

  • Receive an entirely free consultation either in our retail area or from the comfort of your office.
  • Be provided with a quote at no obligation to you. This will include intricate details regarding the total cost of the garage door of your choice and what it entails.
  • We’ll come to you to make measurements to make sure you get exactly what you need, exactly how you need it.
  • Our planned preventive maintenance plan is offered to give you extra peace of mind. We understand this is a big investment for a big piece of moving equipment. We want to make sure you and your customers are satisfied for years to come!

Don’t settle for less! Your business deserves top-of-the-line commercial garage doors with functionality, consistency, and efficiency in mind. You’ll be glad you went with us for your garage door needs.

Don’t hesitate to call us at any time: 515-276-3700!

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