10 Signs You Should Invest In a New Garage Door

10 Signs You Should Invest In a New Garage Door

Fence‑sitting about a new garage door?

Your garage door isn’t something that you likely think about often. After all, it’s a utilitarian piece of your home that’s designed for one simple purpose. It wasn’t designed to be a visual centrepiece of your home.

When you do start to consider your garage door, usually it’s because it isn’t working as well as it used to or something doesn’t look right about it. Use this list of 10 common problems that could signal that you need a new garage door if yours is getting a little too much attention from you, a family member, or perhaps even a neighbour.

1. There are loose cords hanging off your garage door

While this may be easily fixed, it’s a common sign that the pulley system is failing. You may need a new garage door if you also notice that your garage door isn’t opening fully or the right way.

2. The garage door is too slow to open

Sometimes the motor just needs to be replaced on an automatic, but in many cases, simply replacing the whole system is a better option. Usually when the motor starts to go, the door itself isn’t too far behind.

3. Your garage door looks cracked

This happens over time, and there’s no way to fix most wood garage doors once they begin to crack and warp. Replacement is generally the best bet.

4. Major dents are making your garage door look warped

While this might only be a cosmetic issue at first, dents do pose a structural problem for security. Replace the garage door before it rusts and becomes hard to remove safely.

5. Strong drafts are coming in under, around or through the door

Weatherstripping works in some cases, but older wood garage doors sometimes just need to be replaced. You’ll also have the chance to update the way your home looks.

6. Water is coming in under or through the sides of the garage door

Sometimes you can fix this with weatherstripping, but old garage doors that are letting in water usually have structural problems. A new garage door is a better option that will ensure all your valuables are kept safe from the weather.

7. Your garage door is making funny sounds

Replacing the motor often works, but if you have an older door and pulley system, a new one entirely could be more cost‑effective in the long‑term.

8. The bottom of the garage door is uneven

Wood doors are most susceptible to this because they will warp over time. Uneven doors can cause drafts and allow insects into the garage.

9. Your energy bill seems high

Older models of garage doors use more power, so a replacement could save you money.

10. The garage door just doesn’t look good anymore

Styles change over time and curb appeal matters to the value of your home. New garage doors can make a big impact when it comes to how your home looks from the outside.


So how many of these reminded you of your door? If even only one smacks familiar, it could be time to invest in a new door.

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Browse through our variety of residential garage doors, or even design your own online with our handy tool. Then, get a free quote, and upgrade your garage!

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