Advantages and disadvantages of garage doors with pedestrian walk-throughs

You’ve no doubt seen them in magazines and on the internet – they come in many different styles and sizes – and sure, they look interesting, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a garage door with pedestrian walk-through installed?



  • Energy savings You’ll often find pedestrian doors on commercial and industrial doors. This is because they are more energy efficient, after all, you lose less heat by opening a small access door than by raising a 16 x 16-foot door.
  • Pedestrian walk-though doors are practical if you have a basement garage and installing a regular access door is impossible.
  • They are also a practical alternative to regular access doors if you live in a neighbourhood where the building density is high and there isn’t enough available side space for a regular door.
  • While a power cut would stop you from being able to access your garage through your electric garage door, you will be able to enter through this alternative entry point.


  • The pedestrian door itself and the safety system that must be installed to avoid any damage to the garage door can be very costly. Sometimes, adding a walk-through door to a single garage door is just as expensive as installing a full garage door system.
  • If you use an electric garage door opener system and the walk-through door isn’t fully closed, your opening system would still open your garage door, potentially causing a lot of damage, unless you have invested in a device to prevent this from happening (more cost).
  • Your garage door might not be compatible. Walk-through doors must be installed on garage doors that are at least 8-feet wide. We strongly recommend using garage doors that are insulated with polyurethane and at least 1 3/8 to 2-inches thick.
  • Although we listed energy savings in the pros, on smaller garages walk-through doors actually reduce energy efficiency.


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